The Gardar Geological Province - Introduction

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Expedition participants: 
Tim Ivanic (BSc), Antoine Vernon (BSc),
John McNeill, Adam Sedgwick

Project Title: Independent expedition to research aspects of the geology and mineralogy of south-western Greenland. 
The purpose
of the expedition was to examine and interpret rocks from the Gardar geological province since it hosts the world's finest suite of highly alkaline igneous rocks. 

This website was conceived after the 5 week expedition in July 2005 and designed by Tim Ivanic to:

  1. Present the findings of the field trip
  2. Provide future geologists/tourists with an idea of what there is to see and the logistics of travel
  3. Start to assemble a resource for geologists charting the main mineralogical and geological attractions of the Gardar Province

NOTE: Greenlandic place names change spelling from year to year so be prepared for some interpretation when comparing localities from this website to places on maps and in references. e.g. Kangerluarsuk, Kangerdluarssuk, Kangerliardsuuk.

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